Adventure Club

Date:  24th February 1996                                                                                            Location: Kinesda, Norway
The Adventure Club was formed 10 years ago to bring together people who enjoyed orienteering with the added adventure of personal combat. It has coined the term “Combateering” to describe its activities. Competitions are run over rugged terrain, with the objective of getting to a pre-marked destination in the fastest possible time and with the minimum of damage from the other competitors. Paint guns are used, together with special suits which can be read electronically, using a hand held scanning device. A computer then judges the disabling impact that the hits would have and imposes a time penalty to reflect this. As well as being hit by other opponents, there are hazards placed on the course by the competition organisers, eg trip wires and anti-personnel mines, which also fire paint. The Final of the Adventure Club competition is the highlight of its sporting year, bringing together the best that the club has to offer. It is being held tomorrow, but tonight, Feb 24, 1996 is the pre-finals dinner. Will paint be the only ammunition?
Meet the Cast

Dr Steven Adams 41,  has been a family doctor in Stanmore for the past 15 years. He is separated from his wife, Valerie and now lives alone. He was born and bred in Stanmore. He was educated at Stanmore Grammar School and University College – London. He became a junior doctor at University College Hospital and St Barthomlew’s. While at Barts he took a 12 month exchange to work in St Clare’s Hospital, San Francisco, California (Oct 1979 – Aug 80). After finishing at Barts in June 1981 he entered general practice.

Miss Ann Barnes 28,  is a Systems Programmer for Damson Software. She joined Damson straight from graduating in Computing at Kings College in London. She lives in Wandsworth in a rented house that she shares with Jan Cotter. She has been a member of the Adventure Club for just over 2 years. Ann is the only daughter of the Reverend Peter Barnes and Jayne Barnes. She has one brother Arnold, who is also a member of the Adventure Club. Arnold is 2 years younger than Ann. She was brought up in the vicarage in Newton in the parish of Swaffham in Norfolk, where her father was vicar.

Ms Jan Cotter, 35 is Managing Director of Barnabus Ltd a company she started in April 1994. Barnabus is an Orienteering clothing and equipment wholesaler. She lives in Wandsworth in a rented house shared with Ann Barnes. She has been a member of the Adventure Club for nearly 5 years.  Jan was born in Leamington, the third daughter of Ian and Daphne Cotter. She lived there till 1986. She studied fashion at North Staffordshire Polytechnic (1979 – 82)  and after a year’s apprenticeship jointed Warwick Mills as a designer. She was successful with Warwick Mills, being appointed Fashion Manager for Ski wear in 1986, when she moved with to West London.

Miss Flo Davis, 19  is a waitress working at the Coach and Horses steak house and living in a shared flat, both in Islington. She has been a member of the Adventure Club for just over one year. Flo was born in Peterborough, the only daughter of Alan and Jennifer Davis. She left school at 18 with an A level in History and 7 GCSE passes. Both her parents were athletes; her father represented England in Javelin and her mother ran 100 and 200 metres at county level. They encouraged her athletic talent to the extent that she represented Great Britain at Junior level. Her passion is the biathlon (skiing and rifle shooting), but she has also run 10,000 metres. Combateering is similar to the biathlon.

Mr Jed Eames, 46   Jed is Steward of the Adventure Club, a job he took up recently. Jed was educated at Barton House, Harrowgate and Sopwell College, Petersham. He graduated in Economics with Accountancy from the University of North Wales. He lives in Isleworth, Middlesex. He is an experienced ski enthusiast a regular users of black runs. He has won several down-hill events at winter resorts in Colorado, Pra Loupe and Tiegn. His last victory 1984. He is also an experience mountaineer, who has climbed up to “Extreme 1” .

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